Health Tourism

At Health problems, the citizens living in countries which don’t make the pays for the general health and tooth therapies anymore, are turning to the countries which have cheaper prices for the health solutions.

Thus the health tourism occurred. The preference of our citizens living in the EU countries are in the first place Turkey.

Why Turkey?

When we take a look to the brings of our citizens chosen Turkey, we can see that;

  • The therapies made in Turkey, have the same quality like the one made in the EU countries
  • The therapy costs are one fourth of those in other countries
  • Our citizens can also make holiday, visit family and friends, during the therapies
  • The care and communication time with the patients is in a higher level than in EU countries
  • To take the duration of therapy as short as possible
  • It is an opportunity for the citizens to see the historical beauties of our country

Can I get all the therapies I want in Turkey?

Nowadays all the tooth therapies made around the world are made in our country at the same technology level, too. Implants, esthetical zirconium and porcelain crowns and dental bridgework (crowning) are in the first place of those therapies.

How is the therapy planning and period going to be?

  • With the sending of the x-ray picture you have got by the country you are living via e-mail or with the post to the dentist in Turkey, the therapy period begins.
  • The x-ray will be examined by a dentist and a therapy plan will be made.
  • The plan, the average duration and detailed cost sheet will be send to you.
  • After phone calls your appointment will be ensured and your therapy will start.

How can I reduce the duration of therapy?

The operations in our country are made as short as possible to give you more time for your holiday.

But it would be for your and the dentists advantage to let little but time wasting operations like tooth extractions and stoppings make in the country you are living, so the duration of therapy will be reduced at the minimum time.